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This comprehensive version of the rebranded "Mortal Kombat" series comes pre-loaded with all known content

This comprehensive version of the rebranded "Mortal Kombat" series comes pre-loaded with all known content

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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is a fighting game where you can control classic Mortal Kombat characters to unleash devastating combos and gory fatalities. This is the ninth main installment of the Mortal Kombat series and was considered a reboot of the story. Not only is there a detailed story mode to play through, but you get to play as many fan favorite characters.

Reboot Story

Unlike many other fighting games, Mortal Kombat always had a detailed story. Many players had become dissatisfied with where the franchise was headed and it was decided to return to the beginning. The very first cutscene sees Raiden being defeated by Shao Kahn. In a desperate bid to avoid this timeline, he reaches out to his past self and warns him of the impending future.

You then go back to the first Mortal Kombat's story on Shang Tsung's island. The story plays out differently this time as Raiden tries to correct the future but inevitably makes things worse. The story is a strong point for this game as veteran players can revel in all the interesting changes while new players can enjoy the detailed twists and turns.

There are cutscenes between all major fights in the story mode and you can play as nearly every character in this mode. Every few battles will see you taking control of someone else.

Multiple Modes

While story mode is where most players will start, there are several other modes you can enjoy. There is both online and local multiplayer modes so that you can fight against your friends or random people online. This allows you to have fun with friends while proving who's the best online. There's also a tournament mode that allows you to fight many other players.

Tag mode allows you to create a team either with you controlling both characters or having you control one character and a friend controlling another. While this mode isn't common to the Mortal Kombat franchise, it's been seen many times with other fighting games. The Challenge Tower mode gives you challenges where you can win coins. These challenges range and can include defeating multiple enemies by yourself, only using certain movies, defeating an enemy is a specific way and other such challenges.

The Krypt sees a return in this game. The Krypt is an area where you can use the coins to unlock costumes, art and much more. It's an interesting mode that allows you to fully customize your characters.

Komplete Edition

The Komplete Edition gives you all the DLC packages that have been released. While this is great and you don't have to buy the DLC separately, there really wasn't that much released for this game. The major thing you'll receive are four characters that weren't originally included. This edition also balances the characters so that everything is fair.

While it's nice to get all of this at the beginning without having to spend extra money, many similar games have released more DLC and there could have been more.


While this is a reboot, the developers kept everything that was great about Mortal Kombat while adding features that work with this franchise. The controls are basically the same as from other Mortal Kombat games. You have dedicated kick and punch buttons. Pushing the buttons in the right order will cause you to unleash combos or special moves.

One thing included was Boost Hits. This allows you to use accumulated energy to make special moves stronger. While this is common to fighting games in general, this is the first time it's been used in Mortal Kombat. There are also X-Ray Attacks where you can do a massive amount of damage to your enemy. Not only are the attacks brutal, but you can see the enemy's bones breaking. It looks great and works very well with this franchise.

The graphics are fantastic and the designers ensured that the resulting battle damage was realistic. Masks and costumes rip, bones break and characters will look battered and bruised by the end. Not only that, but the fatalities are some of the best. They are highly realistic and wonderfully designed.


  • Highly detailed story that will resonate with new and veteran players
  • Balanced controls with lots of additions that work well with this franchise
  • Use classic characters that have been around since the beginning


  • There could have been more DLC